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Optional AMC vs Regular AMC Type
Description Optional AMC Regular AMC
Payable at the time of buying?

No, You have to just select AMC type while buying the product.

No, You have to just select AMC type while buying the product.
Compulsory Yearly Renewal No Yes
After one year of Activation Product will run as is without updates & support. Product will go in Demo mode if not renewed before expiry.
Renewal Charges Pay only when you require Support / Update after one year. per year
Surrender Counts 10 (Irrespective of renewals, renewal of licence will not increase counts)
PC Formatting Unlimited times, There is no need to surrender license while formatting the PC. Just re-activate license after formatting on same PC
Support No Yes
Updates No Yes (if any)
Additional Terms

1. You won’t be able to update EazyAUTO4 after one year anymore without paying optional AMC. You must have to use same version as is.

2. You must have to keep your license key with safe place. And also keep setup files / create backup cd of product (updated upto expiry date)

3.If you want to change / upgrade the PC, You must have to surrender your license before doing so.

4. If you were unable to surrender the LICENSE i.e. due to Hard disk Crash etc., then extend service period for one year by paying optional AMC Charges.  So we can surrender license from the server.

5. Client will be able to convert to "REGULAR AMC" type by paying "Optional AMC" Charges at any time after one year.