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EazyAUTO4 : Control and Safety
How to start? :

Working with EazyAUTO4...



How to Start...
  1. Open Tally & select company & minimized Tally.
  2. Open EazyAUTO4 & Select Company opened in Tally.
  3. Click on " Excel to Tally" from main menu.


select option


Select desired booking mode from Vouchers / Masters:

  1. Click on “Use Template”.
    • This will open a template sheet in Excel.
    • If needed, set options as per settings provided like columns, modes etc.
    • Import / copy / feed actual excel data to the template.
  2. Click on “Generate …” button in Excel template and switch to EazyAUTO4.
  3. Click on “Refresh …” and overview data to be posted to Tally.
  4. Click on “Book ….” & data will be posted in Tally…





Did you know ?...
  1. Entriesreg.xls template can be used for almost all types of vouchers.
  2. Entriesreg.xls template has max 81 column limit for ledgers.
  3. You can save templates in different names at different locations. When you want to use these templates, just open it from Excel or file explorer. Work on it & click on “Generate….”
  4. Column MAPPING setting is one time setting to import data in templates.
  5. You can you almost all Excel Formulas while MAPPING column names.
  6. You can select Tally’s ledger names in Excel using “Active LedList” option in EA4.