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EazyAUTO4 : Excel to Tally data posting.

Book your voucher entries, ledger accounts, price lists etc. in minimal efforts. Just copy and paste or MAP your data to our standard templates and that’s all. Post entries in Daybook format or in Register format there are no limitations. This utility helps user to import data from Excel to tally in various format. You can say it is Excel to Tally converter utility which eliminates your repetitive work and posts financial data to Tally more effectively and easily. There is also an option to Export data from Tally to Excel. We provide standard Excel Templates to import data from Excel to Tally.

Various types of excel sheets (but not limited) are successfully Imported into Tally via EazyAUTO4 using our standard templates. Here are some example sheets for reference.

Sr. Example Sheet Applicable EazyAUTO4 Template Download Sample Sheet
1 Bank and Cash Receipts Entriesreg.xls Download
2 Gold Sales Entriesreg.xls Download
3 Hospital-Patients Receipts Entriesreg.xls Download
4 Labour Payment Entriesreg.xls Download
5 Gold Sales 2 Entriesreg.xls Download
6 Multiple Mode Vouchers MultiModes.xls Download
7 Pharma Purchase Entriesreg.xls Download
8 Simple Purchase Register Entriesreg.xls Download
9 Simple Purchase Register 2 Entriesreg.xls Download
10 Lotto Sales Entriesreg.xls Download
11 Sales Items wise Sales Entriesreg.xls Download