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 Eazy Final 4.0

T Shape Final Accounts Printing Faclility for Tally 4.5/7.2/8.1 & Tally 9.0/Tally.ERP9 Users*


Just open Desired Company in Tally & Click on "Process Tally Data" in Eazy Final and P & L, Balance Sheet, Capital Account, Fixed Asset Schedule and List of Groups will be ready for you.
Get Final Accounts and Fixed Assets Schedule Printed in just few seconds. Don't type a single figure or single account head or even closing stock or even COMPANY NAME. It will do all automatically.
Don't waste time to type Final Accounts & Fixed Assets schedule in MS Excel or MS Word.
100% Tallied, error free Final Accounts as entered in Tally*. No balancing mistakes of Closing Stock, Capital Account, Depreciation, Fixed Assts etc.
Prints Trading and P & L A/c, Balance Sheet in "T" Shape with grouping option.
Prints Capital Accounts in "T" shape separately
Prints up to 20 Partners Capital Accounts
Prints Trading & Profit & Loss Account with / without Gross Profit.
Prints Receipt & Payment Account.
Automatically Partner wise bifurcation of Remuneration/Interest on Capital / Share Profit in P & L.
Prints Fixed Assets Schedule with Addition/Deletion to Asset Column
Prints List of Sundry Creditors, Sundry Debtors etc. with customized titles such as "Schedule A", "Schedule B" etc.
Prints Detailed/Summarized Balance Sheet
You can save data with "Tentatative","Projected","Final" tag to get printouts in future without opening Tally*.
You can also Alter & Save Profit & Loss Account, Balance Sheet, Capital Account, and Fixed Asset Schedule for those clients who don't have company in Tally*.
Set foot notes for P&L, B/s, and Capital Accounts & Fixed Assets Schedule.
Warnings for Drawings, Negative Cash Balance. Unclear Suspense Account, Profit & Loss a/c
Now No need to EXPORT TRIAL BALANCE / LEDGER A/cs from TALLY*. And many more…


Download Eazy Final 4.0 Demo